• STAT 307 Introduction to Biostatistics (L), Fa 2021

    • STAT 158 Introduction to R programming (CL), Su 2020

    • STAT 315 Intro to Theory and Practice of Statistics (L): Sp 2020

    • STAT 301 Introduction to Statistical Methods (L): Sp 2018, Fa 2018, Sp 2019

    • STAT 201 General Statistics (T): Fa 2017

    • CS 161 Introduction to Object Oriented Programming (T): Sp 2016

    • APPM 1350 Calculus I (T): Sp 2011

(T:TA, L:Lecturer, C:Primary Curriculum Author)

Curriculum Developed

I developed and piloted an introductory R course. Here's the bookdown textbook! I also contributed to the follow up course here.

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